Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association “Press Release”


Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association Press release. Their petition points and requests to the TN CM !

1. Right now there’s 50% occupancy of people in theaters. Instead humbly ask to let 100% of the people
2. There is no evidence of the spread of Corona virus.So I humbly ask, 100% public to be allowed.
3. In the present scenario, 8% with 12% and 18% GST tax is being collected. Removing the hike would increase people’s attendance
4. Change the term renewal of license of theaters in to One year instead of three years.
5. To transform existing old theatres to small ones, and transforming new theatres to bigger ones. The Public sector’s approval will suffice. Hence, I humbly request that the order be issued.
6. Movies currently runin digital mode. Therefore, i Humbly ask for the old operator license system cancellation order to be issued
7. During the pandemic, the absence of crowd was felt. I request you to permit to hold other events in the situation
8.Due to the impact of Corona on cinema, theaters have been shut for the past 8 months in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
To recover the cinema industry from the impact, some of the measures the government has taken.
1) There is no GST tax on films made within Rs 10 crore Has announced that.
2) Allowance for special shows Provided.
3) Permission to pay electricity bills in installments
4) Rs.10 lakh for theaters in cities and suburbs Loan assistance up to lakhs. In rural areas
Theaters have been given loans of up to Rs 5 lakh for this. The government has alos declared no interest on loans.

Therefore, in such a situation, I request the the government of Tamil Nadu to accept our requests & approve the above offers to existing theaters.

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