Tamil Active Film Producers’ Association gets due recognition from CBFC


With as many as three different bodies functioning for the welfare of producers in Tamil cinema, there was a confusion as to who would clear film for censors. Will it be the Murali Ramaswamy headed TFPC, the 43-year old association started by MG Ramachandran or the Bharathiraja helmed Tamil Film Active Producers’ Association, or the T Rajendar’s Tamil Nadu Movie Makers Sangam? In a major move, the CBFC has now approved Tamil Film Active Producers’ Association to issue publicity clearance for upcoming Tamil films. “When we issue publicity clearance which means the film can get its title from us, we could also approve a film to proceed to censor.

We can see more number of film producers joining us or approaching us for their film’s publicity in near future,” said an office-bearer from the TFAPA. Sources in the industry say that it doesn’t mean that TFPC will be redundant in the coming days. “There are producers who would approach TFPC as well. We will have to wait and watch,” said a source. Earlier in an interview with DT Next, a leading CBFC officer said, “The case lies with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Once we get approval, we will act accordingly. This is not a problem only in Tamil Nadu. There is more than one authorised council for producers in other states as well.”

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