Nikkigalrani Request To Public This deadly Pandemic Situation


Actress Nikki galrani request to public in this pandemic situation:
Hello everyone
I hope all of you are doing fine and are safe in these testing times
This deadly Pandemic has halted people and lives. It’s got us thinking about what really matters at the end of the day.
The last year and a half has taught us so much!!!
l have learnt to be happy & grateful to have good food, a roof over my head and all other resources.
In today’s time it is a blessing and one should be grateful to be able to afford basic necessities.
Life is uncertain and we really need to be grateful for all that we have and also do our best for the ones in need.
I have always been quite simple & believed “Less is More”, especially with my sense of dressing. But like most other people, I never realised that I had piled up so many things. Infact these unpredictable times have been an eye opener for me. It’s made me realise how fortunate I am to have more than I need, which is why I’m willing to give it away for a good cause.
How many of you out there have houses stuffed with things much more than you need?
Have you felt like you never have space for your clothes while your cupboards are overflowing with clothes you have not worn in years?
A lot of us are blessed with things in excess, and the best way to put them to use is by donating to a worthy cause.
THRIFT shopping has been on the rise on social media & has become a purposeful trend.
A Thrift store is a place where people donate their pre-loved items of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories etc . These items are then put on a platform where they are sold for a much lower price. To simplify it – it’s a shop that sells used clothes, shoes, books, bags etc. It’s a fun way to advocate the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra.
Hence after a lot of planning with my team, I’m launching “Take 2 – Thrift to Uplift” !!!
All the proceeds from this thrift store will be used to uplift & help those in need.
Check out @take2_thrifttouplift (instagram) for more details on the same
We grow up learning that giving brings more happiness than receiving. Giving & sharing is a value that brings a great sense of gratitude & joy. Especially in times like these, each contribution & share is a drop in the ocean.
You guys can join hands with me and help me make a difference in someone’s life
Alongside buying, you can also donate pre loved items from your wardrobe to Take 2
This is where we Thrift to Uplift !!!

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