Actor Pooranesh on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Originals “November Story”



Actor Pooranesh is very much elated about the wowing reception of Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Originals “November Story” premiered on May 20, 2021.

Actor Pooranesh said, “The experience of working in November Story was amazing and delightful. In particular, to work with a talented writer-director like Indra Subramanian was great. Even before ‘November Story’ happened, I have read his works and his writings are colossal. His scrutinizing efforts for even the minute details are prodigious. Initially, I was asked to audition for a couple of roles and was offered to play Ahmed’s character.

Sharing his experience, working with actor Pasupathi, he said, “It was a great learning experience and will be one of the best unforgettable moments in my life. He imparted certain acting nuances on the sets, which helped me a lot on the sets. In particular, the action sequences, which helped us emote naturally. More than all, his ability to remain gentle and sudden transformation into ‘Yesu’ character before the camera lens was awe-inspiring.” He continues to add, “Cinematography Vidhu Ayyanna is a visual magician. I am happy about his back-to-back success with Oh My Kadavule, Mandela, and now November Story, which has happened in a shorter span. My co-stars Nishanth, Ashrath, Poojitha, and Namitha, have done fabulous work. The entire team was like a family, and such positive vibes helped me and others to perform well.”

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