‘Anbirkiniyal’ is a Lively Thriller that tells the Aesthetics of Father-Daughter love Differently!


Many films have come up with stories centering on both father and daughter. But a thriller story centered on both father and daughter is very rare. Gokul has directed such a wonderful story. Each of the films released under his direction is of a different genre. In that order we can hope that the story, domain and scenes of this new film will be from a new angle.

Because what if the real father-daughter plays in the story that tells the life of the father-daughter …? The authenticity of those shots is all the more emotional. Arun Pandian and Keerthi Pandian have played the roles of father and daughter in this story. The crew says there is no doubt that the scenes between the two will unite the audience.

The shooting of this film has been completed and the final stages are in full swing. Currently, the film crew has released a First Look poster titled ‘Lover’. This has been welcomed by many. The crew has completed the entire shoot in Chennai and Pondicherry. The hub and freezer sets are put together and some important scenes are filmed.

Director Gokul says that the performance of Keerthi Pandian, who played the lead role in ‘Anbirkiniyal’, will definitely be talked about. This is because he has spoken through his body language and eyes in some important scenes. Also, the Breezer halls have been shooting in the bitter cold. At that time, Asarathu acted in -11 degrees and -12 degrees cold and surprised the film crew. The film crew says that the performance of Arun Pandian, who has returned to the world of acting after many years, will make the audience speak.

It has always been said that thriller films need good technical artists. The technical artists of this film are the proof of its success. Mahesh Muthuswamy, who has been inspired by his camera angles in any field, has worked as a cinematographer for this film. Gokul and Mahesh Muthuswamy have worked together on ‘Italkuttane Aasippattai Balakumara’ and have enjoyed success. Gokul has also worked with him on this film as he has realistically filmed night time scenes in it.

Javed Riaz has worked as a music composer. He was spoken through the background music of the film ‘City’. Lalith Anand has always written all the songs for Gokul’s films. He is the one who has recommended to Gokul that Javed Riaz would be suitable for this story. Gokul, who worked on that belief, is amazed at the background music. The background music of this film is more perfect than the background music of his previous films. He is so intimidated. Director Gokul says that although the music is for thriller films, it has made a difference.

Jaisankar has worked as an art director. His hub and freezer halls will definitely be talked about. Menakkettu has perfected the need to be realistic in a very challenging arena. Pradeep E. Raghav has worked as the editor. His editing has added extra strength to the film. PC has worked as a director of fight scenes. His given name is Prabhu. Breezer set the fight scenes in the arena very realistically.

Although the film is a thriller centered on the father-daughter relationship, the work of technical artists is impossible. A good emotional thriller feast awaits the audience on screen. Coming to the screen for the summer holidays.

Dear film crew details:

Screenplay, Direction – Gokul
Production – Arun Pandian
Cinematographer – Mahesh Muthuswamy
Music – Javed Riaz
Editor – Pradeep E. Raghav
Art Director – Jaisankar
Dialogue – Gokul, John Mahendran
Stunt Director – PC
P.R.O. – Yuvraj

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