Atti Culture presents Saree Pop!


AttiCulture presents “Saree Pop” a high-spirited summertime banger. Conceptualized and performed by NRI actor and rapper Ash Prince, better known as Daddy Prince. Who is also acting in the upcoming movie Quotation Gang starring Jackie Shroff and Sunny Leone. Music by Ofro the composer of viral song “Jorthaale” and “Semma Bodha” directed by Ken Royson. Both Ofro and Ken own atti culture.

The video is produced by Ash Prince of Emporor Productions and Pranay Kaliappan of PKR Productions. The videos stars actresses; Oviya Helen, Yaashika Anand, Anukreethy Vas, Vishakha Dhiman, Ananya Rao, Apoorva Rao, Rohini Munjal, Saadiya Ali and Devika Surie. The song is set connect the musical bridge between Tamil Nadu and the rest of the world a d setting a trend for the traditional indian wear, the Saree. The saree pop challenge is all set to trend online.

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