Diamond Babu Celebrating 35 years of Cinema Journey


Dear Friends.
As India celebrates its 75th Independence Day this 15th of August, it’s a memorable day for me too. For this was the day 35 years back, August 15th 1986, when I began my career as a PRO for the film ‘Oomai Vizhigal’,with the blessings of my father and the support of my family. And at this moment I would like to recall with gratitude all those who had helped me on my journey.

My humble salute to,
Aabavaanan Sir, who introduced me to the film industry as a PRO.

My grateful thanks to,
Thirai Chirpi,
Mr. Vijaykumar,
Director Mr. R Arvindraj,
DOP Mr. Ramesh Kumar,
the music director team of Manoj- Gyan, Art director Mr.Rajan,Mr.Paneer, Mr.Selva,Mr.Ravi Yadav
& all the DFT students.

How can I forget my hero captain Vijaykanth, Mr.Karthik,Mr.Arun Pandian, Mr. Chandradekhar,,
Mr.Thyagu, Ms.Saritha,Ms.Sasikala, Ms.Sachu, Ms.Ilavarasi,Ms.Kokila,Ms Sangeetha, Ms Disco Shanthi & many others.

On this day I bow humbly to all my producers,directors,
actors &technicians.
And last but not least, are my well wishers my journalist friends,my dear PRO brothers and sisters, who made my journey a smoother one.
Cheers to them!
Regards Diamonds.

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