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Hotstar Specials and Karthik Subbaraj’s Stone Bench Productions have collaborated for Hotstar special’s latest series Triples’. The trailer has already gained a fabulous response and the newly released song is turning to be a mellisonant treat. With the series getting premiered on Disney+ Hotstar VIP from December 11, 2020, onwards, the cast and crew of Triples interacted with press, media, and audiences. Here are some of the excerpts from the occasion.

Karthik Subbaraj, Producer, Stone Bench Productions, “Initially, it was Kalyan, who told me about the gist of the script written by Balaji. Undoubtedly, all of us have been ardent fans of Crazy Mohan sir and the writing had lots of his influences. We would like to dedicate Triples as a dedication and tribute to Crazy Mohan sir. The basic idea itself was hilarious and we decided to get-go with materializing the project. Right from the beginning, all of us in the team had a positive vibe and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the final cut. There’s a lot of humour and more romance. From Jai, Vani Bhojan, Madhuri, Rajkumar, Vivek Prasanna to Venkatesh sir, everyone has done excellent performance. I can assure you that Triples will be a worth watching series and a piece of good entertainment to watch with friends and family.” Furthermore, he jokingly added, “We completed shooting the series even before the Lockdown, but the way, Charukesh processed postproduction work itself was a hilarious experience. I am sure, it will be a 100% rib-tickling comedy if made as a series.”

Actor Jai said, “Honestly speaking, working on Triples never seemed like shooting a web series. The whole process was even greater than filming a movie. The makers took scrutinizing efforts in nurturing the series even with the minute details and spent more time to get the perfection. I have come across many hearsays claiming that the web series would be completed in a short period, but my assumptions were proved wrong while working on this project. ‘Friends’ have played a vital role in my personal life and I would ennoble them as my ‘Backbone’. So will be these friends (Rajkumar & Vivek Prasanna) in this series. I haven’t watched the series now and am as curious as watching the First Day First Show of my movies in theatres on December 11, 2020. Director Charukesh is a great filmmaker and he has filmed romantic portions and songs is brilliant.”

Actress Vani Bhojan said, “Working with Jai has been a great experience. Initially, I never expected that Jai would be such a great friend to work with. But his kind gesture made me feel comfortable on the sets. I feel blessed to have got a great opportunity to work in a web series like Triples. I have been too choosy about the scripts and this one is an amazing project. I have been a fan of Karthik Subbaraj sir’s works and it’s bliss to be a part of a project that has his brand involved. Director Charu has been so much helpful in nurturing my character even on minute expressions and it has yielded good results now.”

Director Charukesh, “We have come across varieties of comedies, especially from the 80s and 90s. Triples will be a clean comedy that has lots of innocence, where characters will be serious, but the audience will have rib-tickling moments watching them. This will be a decent entertainer treat for family audiences.” On delineating the significance of the title ‘Triples’, the director adds, “Everything in the story premise has the element of ‘Triples’. Be it three friends, three female lead characters, three villains, and even the three problems as conflicts. We felt that this title will befittingly look suitable and zeroed in this.”

Actor Vivek Prasanna said, “My character in the series is funny and it will keep doing a few things that will be enjoyed by everyone. It’s not just my character, but everyone in the series has a hilarious shade and it is going to be a decorous treat for family audiences. I can promise that the same amount of humour in the trailer will be there in the series and even double the dose from beginning till end.”

Actor Rajkumar said, “Actually, my character brings ‘Twist’ in the series and I cannot reveal it now as it would turn out to be a spoiler. My character in ‘Triples’ is far-far different from my real-life character. Every scene has a myriad of humour quotients and every scene will outperform the previous one with the comedy dosage.”

Actress Madhuri said, “I play the role of a simple, fun-loving and independent girl, who convinces Jai for marriage. Well, that’s when the complete drama begins. I thoroughly enjoyed working in this series and one of my favourite scenes was the episode, where I get drunk with Rajkumar. The whole drama will have more and more humour. I am curiously looking forward to the release of ‘Triples’ on December 11, 2020.”

Famous TV personality-Actor Ma Ka Pa Anand played a perfect host and kept the show more enjoyable with his charismatic and humorous appeal.

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