Tiger Award for Koozhangal


Filmmaker PS Vinothraj’s debut Competing against 16 films, Koozhangal, has won the prestigious Tiger Award, the top honour at the recently-concluded 50th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam.  Koozhangal becoming the first Tamil film and the second Indian film Presented by Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara’s Rowdy Pictures, the film revolves around an alcoholic father and his son who are in search of their estranged wife and mother respectively. Vignesh Shivan said, “There are certain days that become precious and valuable when we come across a film that makes us proud of the field we are associated with. One such moment was watching this beautiful movie Koozhangal, which marks the directorial debut of PS Vinoth Raj. The film’s premise is as simple as the title but created an exquisitely lovable impact within.”

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