New mega web film series ‘Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan’


Eternitee Motion Krafte Pvt. Ltd and Eterneity Star proudly presents new mega web film series ‘Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan’ simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi

MGR’s Dream come true

Ajay Pratheeb pens screenplay, dialouge, does cinematography and directs. Illayaraja scores music for ‘Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan’

Ponniyin Selvan, is a world famous novel by Amarar Kalki Krishnamoorthy. Till date it is being the most fascinating literature in Tamil.

It has always been a dream of late MGR, to make a feature film on Ponniyin Selvan. His love for the story made him grab the rights for making the film from Kalki Krishnamoorthy. But, when the project was not materialising, he nationalised the rights for making Ponniyin Selvan as feature film. This opened the doors for many of the talented thirsty artists.

Hence, Ajay Pratheeb has given fresh new lease of life to MGR’s dream.

Ajay Pratheeb pens screenplay, dialouge, does cinematography and directs. Illayaraja scores music for ‘Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan’. This is to be made as a full length 125 hour feature film and to hit the small screen on a popular web platform as numerous episodes.For the first four months,starting from April 14 2022, the 1 hour episode would be telecast every Friday. After that, the same 1 hour episodes would be telecast on Fridays and Saturdays consisting of different episodes for 8 hours every month. Segregated into 9 seasons, there would be a 45 day interval between each season.

Eternitee Motion Krafte Pvt. Ltd and Eterneity Star jointly produces this web film series.

Ajay Pratheeb, the director of this film has directed humpty number of ad films. He has won accolades from the Ad Club. Apart from this he has the credit of documenting Veeranam project, Former Jayalalithaa’s minjur desalination plant visionary project.

Ajay Pratheeb is a proud product of Film Institute.

He has roots in film industry naturally. His mother Omana, paired as heroine with MGR in the bilingual Jenovah. She was the heroine in the Malayalam verion. As he grew up, Ajay Pratheeb the renowned Cinematographer K.S.Prasad. Mr.K.S.Prasad was the first cinematogrpaher to bag national award for tamil feature film. He has Puthiya Paravai, Thiruvilayadal, Thillana Mohanambal and numerous hit films to his credit. Mr.K.S.Prasad was an icon and owning him as his professional guru, Ajay Pratheeb learnt the intricacies of cinematography.

Since 1979, lot of efforrts have been put to make Ponniyin Selvan as feature film. But none of the idea came to reality. Hence, the director sought the blessings of Sidhhars. As per the Siddhar’s advice the director has attached the word Chiranjeevi to the title Ponniyin Selvan. In tamil tradition when elders bless the young ones they use the word ’Chiranjeevi’, which refers to longevity, sustainability. That’s why the director has added Chiranjeevi blessing word to take the project forth without any shortfalls.

director Ajay Pratheeb sought the blessings of Siddhars. As per the divine advice he has given his web film series the title ‘Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan’.

The efforts behind this magnum opus is enormous.

Ajay Pratheeb has conceived this idea before 50 years. For the past 6 years he has strated seriously working on it. He has made a complete script book, Shot Division is ready, Location, dialouges are perfectly done with.

When Mr.Ajya Pratheeb spoke about this, “The meticulous efforts we put forth for the past 6 years to make MGR’s dream come true is noteworthy. When we met Isaignani Illayaraja with the completely ready Screenplay, Dialouge, drawings and Computer Graphics the legend got convinced. His trust upon us became strong and he gave his nod to work in the project ” he said.

When, MGR planned to produce Ponniyin Selvan with a leading artist under the direction of a renowned Director, Illayaraja was roped in for music composition. But then, the project did not kick start.

But, now Illayaraja has given his nod again for this project as he is totally convinced with our work.

This project ‘Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan’ had a good start with office pooja on October 26, 2020. The pooja was conducted on the auspicious occasion of the confluence of Raja Raja Chozha’s birth star Sadhaya Natchtiram and Vijaya Dasami.

Sabu Syril is the art director of this project. Antony is joining as the Editor. Visual Effects is being done by Bahubali fame Viswanathan Ananth and Maniyan Selvam is doing the costume designing. Shanmugavel is taking care of the art.

The cast and crew of the project is being officially announced on April 14 2021. The music composition recording begins on the birthday of Illayaraja, June 2 2021. The shooting is to roll out on August 18. The first Episode will go on air in April 14, 2022. The series will be telecast in 9 episodes.

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