Padma Awards


It was a source of great happiness, of course, to be conferrs the honour, but receiving the Padma Bhushan also makes you feel that you have to be a good citizen. I also thought about my gurus and the many people who have supported me in my career, my senior and other singers who have shared the stage with me SPB sir awardee of Padma Vibhushan this year had been a huge source of support for me – KS. Chithra

This is an incentive to continue the tradition of Pattimandram.

Awrds are a form of recognition of your work, and when it is the Government that is doing so, it is definitely exciting. Pattimandram existed in literature. This honour offers a chance for Pattimandram to stay in the hearts of people for long, and that is what makes me very happy – Solomon  Pappaih

It’s all thanks to the blessings of my parents and Kanchi Mahaperiyavarand the encouragement from the organisations like Doordharshan and All India Radio. He is 92 and expresses his thanks to the government , the people who embraced us, and the organisers of our events – Subbu Arumugam


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