Prabhas reports around his 25th film top Twitter trends!


*Prabhas’ Star Power evident as reports around his 25th film top Twitter trends!*

It was only recently that sources confirmed Prabhas is working on his new film and that the project is materializing in full swing. What makes it even special is the fact that this will be the Pan Indian star’s 25th milestone film.

Just the mention of this impending announcement and the news went on to break the internet and occupied the number one position on Twitter trends, testimony to the actor’s star power and excitement among the masses.

The hashtag #Prabhas25 started trending on the Numero Uno position on Twitter in no time once the news came out, with fans from across the world tweeting about their excitement. Recent reports stated, “Prabhas 25 is definitely materializing and the Superstar will make a special announcement soon. While details are shrouded in secrecy, what we know right now is that the Movie’s story is going to be entirely different from his other movies of the past.”

While details are under wraps at the moment, sources also revealed that Prabhas will collaborate with a blockbuster maverick director who has a cult status and will feature in a never-seen-before role as a special surprise to his fans.

The Pan Indian star will make an official announcement of his 25th film on October 7th, 2021.

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