Praising Mr. Sivaji is fine, but do not use his name to slander and vilify other people!- Ramkumar


Ramkumaar Ganesan Statement:

A Communist party member from Tamil Nadu,Mr.R.Mutharasan,recently brought in my father Mr. Sivaji Ganesan’s name to criticise our Prime Minister.

I would like to remind this person that the good thing about my father and our Prime Minister is that they both reached the heights they did because of their sheer hard work and dedication.

Unlike you, who ride on others’ shoulders.

My father was a friend of some of your leaders and has stood with and supported them in times of need.

If Mr. Sivaji Ganesan had been amongst us now, he would not have returned any of his hard won awards as he would have been a supporter of our Prime Minister and the Bharathiya Janata Party.

He also would have stood by me and my decision to become a member of the BJP.

He would have definitely been happy to see the respect our nation is getting under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

You sir, are following an ideology that has been imported and is becoming extinct.

Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi and our TN-BJP leader Mr. K. Annamalai are living with home-grown ideologies and moving forward in a very positive manner. They are neither looking left or right, but are moving straight on.

Your statement also shows your ignorance of world and Indian economy.

People did not take loans because of any assurance by our party, but because of promises made by your alliance partner – the DMK. It is all there in the public domain.

“Little knowledge is dangerous”, and your statement proves it.

Your views also indirectly hint at violence, sedition, and a “divide India and rule” policy.

Our Prime Minister and the BJP are striving towards the patriotic aim of “India first”.

We respect every Indian. A person whose views are shaped by foreign ideologies, and who is funded by anti-nationals cannot take the high moral ground and lecture others.

Praising Mr. Sivaji is fine, but do not use his name to slander and vilify other people. He is much greater than your cause.

Today’s India does not have time for people like you, comrade.


– Ramkumar Ganesan

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