Recall Memory Director Mysskin


Director Mysskin’s unconditional love, passion and respect for cinema have been a very well known fact. The director who is known for his outspoken nature spares no effort to hide his love for cinema. Mysskin who is on a visit to Dindugal to scout the location for his next film decided to pay a visit to the theatre which he had visited as a kid with his father decades ago. Although the aged theatre owner didn’t recognize the director initially, he became happy to see him visit the theatre and agreed to screen few clippings for the director as a token of gesture. Mysskin watched those scenes with the same enthusiasm and joy of a kid and was later recognised by the theatre owner’s sons, who recalled to the family on his joy and pride being here now. He was taken aback when he learnt that the premise is on the verge of being demolished. The Director expressed his pain over this and appealed to the film fraternity the need to preserve theatres which are the heritage ambassadors. The ace director also stressed the importance of the celebrities visiting the exhibition halls now and then to infuse breath back to the exhibition industry. Director Mysskin feels that it’s the need of hour to pay back the reward that cinema halls endowed the film celebrities with.

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