We are happy to announce the launch of ‘Hoote’ – India’s ?? first voice based social for the world ?

Launching in 5 regional languages and soon to add 14 more native Indian languages as well as 10 international languages, Hoote aims to emerge as the one stop voice based social media platform in India and globally, allowing users to express their thoughts, views and opinions in any language of their choice, anytime from anywhere! The platform allows user to create a one-way 60 second voice hoote that people can like, provide voice comments, rehoote and share.

As one of India’s eminent personalities and an established voice that symbolises power and inspiration, we take great pleasure in inviting you to be part of our elite list of celebrities and well known voices, joining ‘Hoote Premier’ – our public beta launch.

We are eagerly looking forward to you joining Hoote, for it is voices like yours that will encourage many more to voice theirs!

We can’t wait to listen to your first Hoote!

Click on the link below to download the app:

Hoote – ‘Be Heard’.


Soundarya Rajinikanth Vsv , Co-Founder
Sunny Pokala, Co- Founder
Vishagan sulur vanangamudi , Co-founder

(Foot Note):

Film maker and entrepreneur Soundarya Rajinikanth VSV along with Sunny Pokala, Technocrat, serial entrepreneur and business leader, and Vishagan Sulur Vamangamudi, Director Apex laboratories – the makers of Zincovit, have come together to co-found Hoote, the first voice based social media platform from India for the world. Hoote is a cloud native, mobile first, vernacular platform which offers authentic social media experience, powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies to enable people all around the world to use their voices and interact with their followers.

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