With our contemporary lives confined to complete commercialization, Technology has taken the front seat in bringing the entire world into our palms. However, the miserable part is that we do not care of our neighbors and their identity.  But guess what? Our heroine in ‘REE’ does not fall into this category as she is always keen and curious about what is happening on neighborhood. In her new house, when she hears a mysterious and strange sound from the neighbor’s house, she impulsively loses her mental balance.
What is that sound? Is it a Ghost’s murmur or a human’s painful cry? These questions pop into her mind. Puzzled in deepest thoughts and perplexities about this strange sound, she embarks on her journey to unravel the mystery. She comes across a series of uncalled-for events that reveals more mystery than she imagined. This forms the basic crux of this movie ‘Ree’.
Ree is written and directed by Sundharavadivel.  Apart from crafting and materializing this spellbinding movie, he has produced it for his production house Srianga Productions.  Instilled with an insatiable passion for filmmaking, director Sundharavadivel from Madurai pursued his filmmaking course in a private film institute. However, he had to take up a professional job in Information Technology industry owing to his family commitments for some time. Finally, he has leaped to fulfill his long-run desire of directing a movie.
With the aspiration to gain good experience in the filmmaking domain, he worked in ‘Sandimuni’ and later made his on-screen appearance in the movie ‘Valiyor Silar’. Henceforth, he gained decorous experience in the movie industry before kick-starting his directorial journey with ‘Ree’.
This is a female-centric movie that features ‘Hara Mahadevaki’ fame Gayathri Rema as the female lead. Prasanth Srinivasan, grandson of Late Veteran writer Ananthu’s sister, who has penned marvelous stories for K Balachandar plays the lead role. Prasath, Sangeetha Paul, Manisankar, Dhivya, Suresh Babu and many others are a part of this star cast. Director has also played an important role in this movie.
Dhinesh srinivaas has handled cinematography, Spurgeon Paul has composed background music, Hariji has composed songs and K. Srinivas has done editing for this movie. The story is shot in and around the exotic locales of Madurai.
“What started as a low-budget movie has now ended up achieving a medium-budget stature. It is shaping up as a top-notch movie with brilliant technical and production values laced with a raciness and unlimited twists-n-turns,” says director Sundharavadivel.
“Ree” is going to be a first-of-its-kind experience for the thriller movie buffs with lots of surprise elements in the movie.

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