Shweta Mohan turns composer with a tribute Video Song for Yesudas


Singer Shweta Mohan has taken on a new role – she has composed a tribute video song for veteran singer KJ Yesydas, which she released on the occasion of his birthday (Jan10). Titled Gandharva Gaayaka, the song has been rendered by 28 singers in Malayalam.

It took her two months to put the video together, but she says everything fell in place the moment the lyrics came in. “Popilar lyricist Harinarayanan sent me the pallavi in just five minutes. In the next hour, the charanam came and within a day, the lyrics for the entire song had come in,” she exclaims, “The moment I read the lyrics – Manninte Punyamam Gandharva Gaayaka – the tune came to my mind. But because of the pandemic, I was a bit sceptical to ask singers to come on board.”

However, it didn’t take much convincing to get others to be part of the song.  They did not even take the studio rent from me,” says Shweta. The song features Srinivas, Chitra, Unni Menon, Sujatha, MG Sreekumar and Vijay Yesudas, among others. “Initially, Vijay was reluctant. His point was, how could he pay tribute to his dad? But there was a portion, which I thought would come out very well, if he sings. So, he came on board,” she explains. While Rajhesh Vaidhya has played the veena, Saurabh Joshi and Hayagreev are also part of the initiative.

Ask Shweta what was the most challenging aspect of composing a song, and she says with a laugh, “Waiting for his reaction!” She continues, “He is a man of few words and I was concerned whether he would like it or not. Since we are in two different time zones (he is in the US) I got his response after over 10 hours of wait.”

But he said, ‘valare nannayirikkunnu’ (it’s very nice). He also asked me and all the singers why we showered him with so much love.”

Ask Shweta if she will continue to compose now, and she says, “There is a composer in every singer. Though I like the process, I don’t want to try composing for films as it will affect my singing. I wish to continue signing.”

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