The climax fight scene in the movie ‘Aranmanai 3’ which took place in a huge set at a cost of 2 crores!


The first two parts of the ‘Aranmanai’ series, directed by Sundar C, were huge success. The sequel ‘Aranmanai3’ is now started.

For this film, the majestic palace set has made by art director Gururaj at a cost of 2 crore in EVP film city, Chennai and features a fight scene at this place.

The climactic fight scene of the film, for which Stunt Director Peter Hein co-ordinates with Sundar C, was filmed for eleven days.

So far, in Sundar C films, ‘Action’ movie have had more stunt scenes. After that they did a great stunts in this movie only. A huge palace set has been made up for this ghost movie at a cost of Rs 2 crore and it has been set up for 11 days with action scenes.

This movie stars Arya, Rakshi Khanna, Sundar C, Sampath and Madhusudhanan Rao and many more. Filming is ongoing for this movie.

Filming is taking place in places like Gujarat Rajkot, Chennai and Pollachi. The film is set to release in 2021 as a Summer Special.



Sundar C



Yogi Babu

Sakshi Agarwal



Vincent Asokan

Madhusudhanan Rao

Vela Ramamurthy


Vichu Viswanath

Kolapalli Leela

And others…

Chief Technicians:

Director: Sundar C

DOP: UK Senthilkumar

Music: C. Satya

Editor: S.Fenny Oliver

Art Director: Gururaj

Fight: Peter Hein

PRO: Johnson

Production executive : B. Balagopi

Production: Avni Cinemas

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