Thrillers and comedy genres are within my comfort zone: Sibiraj


Sibi Sathyaraj talks to us in the middle of the promotions of his upcoming film Kabadadaari, which will hit the screens on January 28. Sibi will return as a traffic cop after Walter, a film that released only three days before the lockdown in March. “I have played a cop before in Naaigal Jaakirathai, Jackson Durai, and Walter. This time, I play a traffic cop, who aspires to take up a criminal case. I couldn’t be as aggressive as I was in my previous roles. A traffic cop has his own limitations and my character graph will main a subtle tone throughout—something that I haven’t tried in a crime thriller genre before.

You would have seen me in aggressive roles in the same genre but not this time,” he starts off. The film directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and produced by G Dhananjayan’s Creative Entertainers and Distributors is a remake of the Kannada film Kavaludaari. “I had watched the original and was impressed. I touch-based with the Kannada producers to acquire the rights, who told me that Dhananjayan had bought the rights already. When I asked him, he told me that he is looking to produce it. I expressed my desire to be a part of it and he agreed. Then we brought Pradeep on board. Having worked with him in Sathya before, it boosted our confidence,” he says.

Pradeep in an interview with us said that he shares a great rapport with Sibi. “I second it. He knows what I can do and what I cannot. The beauty of working with him Kabadadaari is, he has brought out my positives well and has made me work on things I had apprehensions on and has come out well,” Sibi adds. However, he feels like, he still is in his comfort zone. “Be it crime thrillers or comedy films, I believe they both are my comfort zones. It is just a few minor adaptations that I will have to do. I am someone, who does a lot of homework for the character.

However, for Kabadadaari, I was a blank slate and went by what Pradeep said. From now on you would see me in characters that will be away from my comfort zone. For instance, biopics would be something that will help me break my shell. I am playing Theeran Chinnamalai, the freedom fighter in a theatre play. The director of the play, Sreeram had asked if I can do it. Without a second thought, I agreed knowing it will be challenging indeed. I would want to reprise many real-life characters on screen and tick them off my bucket list,” he concludes.

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