November 7th 2020 marks the 66th birthday of Padmabhushan Shri. Kamalhaasan.  Raajkamal Films International (RKFI) is proud to reveal the title of our much  awaited project KH 232 on our Ulaganayagan’s birthday.

Director LOKESH KANAKARAJ & his team have created a Teaser for the Title

reveal. The “Title reveal teaser” will be an audio-visual treat and a celebration for  all Ulaganayagan fans and film buffs the world over.

Team RKFI has followed all the requisite government norms to put this project  together in the “new normal” during COVID times. The film’s crew have worked

tirelessly along with our Universal Hero to bring this teaser to you on 7th November  at 5pm.

More updates shall follow as work progresses diligently and in keeping up to the  standards of filmmaking and the historic legacy of RKFI. We seek your best wishes  for Ulaganayagan and invite you to celebrate #Kamalhaasan232 along with us.

About RKFI

Raaj Kamal Films International (“RKFI”), is one of the very few film production  companies with a legacy spanning over 40 years in the business of consistently  raising the bar in entertainment, craft & technology from the 1981 masterpiece  “RAAJA PARVAI” to ABOORVA SAGOTHIRARGHAL” to “SATHYA”, “DEVAR

MAGAN” & “KURUDHI PUNAL” to the critically acclaimed “HEY RAM”,  “VIRUMANDI”& “VISWAROOPAM”,  to  the  hilarious  “SADHI LEELAVATI”;

RKFI has explored it all. In addition, RKFI has been a harbinger in the use of value

additive technology in Indian cinema, be it with the introduction of Dolby Stereo  sound in Kuridhipunal, first ever use of script writing software in Maruthanayagam  or Auro 3D in Viswaroopam.

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