Welcome Statement From UFO Cine Media Network


All Exhibitors and Distributors,

Greetings from UFO,

Past few months have been a difficult period for the entire film industry including us. While we have been suffering huge losses, we feel that it is important for the film industry to open-up in a big way during festival season of Diwali. With this object in mind, we have decided to waive all the VPF/CDC for new films released in November 2020 across India.

We are sure that this gesture of ours will motivate maximum number of producers to release their new films as widely as possible thereby helping in kickstarting the cinema industry. We are confident that other stakeholders of the industry will also take necessary action and provide requisite incentives/concessional terms so that normalcy is restored in the film industry as early as possible.

We shall be charging logistics and license/KDM management charges of Rs.1500 per film per property for delivery of Non-DCI content and Rs.2000 for DCI content for films released in November 2020. Applicable taxes will be charged extra.

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